How to Blog Consistently When You're Short on Time

How to Blog Consistently When You're Short on Time

Consistently creating content for your blog is tough. Yes, I am a freelance writer and I can wholeheartedly attest to this.

It’s 1,000 times easier for me to finish work for my clients than it is for me to finish work for my own blog.

I’ve been freelancing for over two years and I am only just now beginning to put out my own content consistently. I know it’s important but because I don’t see an immediate return on my investment it’s easy to put off.

After all, I work with clients who will pay me money to write for them. So sometimes it’s hard to justify working on my own blog which doesn’t bring in any revenue.

I’ve followed the same pattern for years now; I  would write a few blog posts here and there but there was never any strategy to it.

And because my posts were so few and far between I never gained any followers so I would eventually just give up.

What is Content Marketing?

Before we start talking about how you can consistently create content, let’s just take a step back for a moment and talk why why you need to. Because if you don’t really believe it’s important then you probably won’t find the time to do it.

When I talk about creating content I am referring to content marketing. Content marketing refers to any kind of online content  that is meant to attract a clearly defined audience.

This could look like blog posts, social media posts, YouTube videos, email marketing, and more.

The biggest reason why content marketing is important is that when your audience reads your content you are building a relationship with them.

People are truly sick of seeing ads online. Heck, even my two kids groan everytime an ad interrupts our Spotify playlist!

So when you bring value to your readers you increase your know like trust factor with them.

5 Ways to Product Consistent Blog Content

Creating informative blog posts is one of the best ways to bring new traffic to your website and build an audience online. Now let’s look at five ways you can begin to consistently create content for your blog:

1. Know your audience

Simply creating content for your audience isn’t enough, it has to be content that will actually resonate with them. I know better than anyone how time consuming blogging is so if I am going to take the time to do it I want it to actually be useful to my audience.

What kind of problem are you trying to solve for people? What do they find interesting and what helpful tips or information can you share that will make their lives easier?

2. Find a distraction-free time to work on your content.

I’ll let you in on a little secret about me -- I have a very important appointment with myself every day at 6:00 AM. Yes, this is when I create content for my blog.

Why 6:00 AM? Because I’ve learned from experience if I wait until later in the day it just won’t happen.

Or if it does happen, it will take three times as long and my writing will probably not resonate with people in the same way. Find a time when you know you won’t be distracted by other things that are going on at work or at home.

3. Create an editorial calendar

I am not a planner by nature and when it comes to writing, sometimes I get the urge to just “play it by ear” and see what comes to me. But honestly, that is a really bad strategy for your blog and a great way to waste time and write posts that aren’t useful.

Here is what I like to do now: I sit down and create a Google Sheet where I write down 30-40 ideas for blog posts, or enough content for me to post twice a week for four months.

I am pretty ruthless with my ideas and I only include the ones that I believe will actually help my audience in some way. Now when I sit down to begin writing, I already know exactly where to start.

4. Batch your writing

I actually prefer to just write every day but if you are short on time, batching your writing is a great idea. Batching is basically taking a large chunk of time over a period of several days or a week and writing all your content for several months at once.

If you want to follow this strategy, I recommend you start by outlining all your blog posts first. I resisted writing outlines for a long time (remember, I’m not a planner at heart) but once I did I was amazed by how much time they save me.

Once all your outlines are written you can knock out all of your blog posts more quickly.


Hopefully, you’ve reached the end of this blog post and are completely jazzed and ready to whip up a bunch of blog posts. Yay! Happy writing.

Or maybe you’re shaking your head, thinking about how you don’t have time for any of this crap. Editorial calendars? Blog outlines? REALLY?!

I get it, you’re short on time and may not consider yourself a writer. But just know that it gets easier over time and the benefits of blogging are well worth the effort.

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