Let Me Take a Few Things Off Your Plate

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You know you need to stop ignoring your company’s blog. But you also know that you don’t have an extra four hours in your day to write an engaging, informative blog post.

Besides, you don’t just want to slap up any old blog post. You’re looking for blog posts that:

  • Increases audience engagement

  • Brings traffic to your website

  • Creates a loyal and excited customer base

  • Builds your reputation as a trusted leader in your industry

That’s Where I Come In

My name is Jamie Johnson. I'm a Kansas City-based freelance writer who helps B2B and B2C companies manage their blog and develop their content marketing strategy. 

I focus on writing long-form blog posts so you don’t have to.

I work with business owners, creative entrepreneurs, and subject matter experts just like you every day to create deeply engaged, highly shareable, and content-rich blog posts to advance your business and exposure to your market.

Ready to Get Started?

Excellent! I can’t wait to begin working with you.